Strain Gauge Load Cell - 4 Wires - 20Kg

Hi - I’m looking to build an electronic weighing platform for loads that vary 5 - 15Kg. I have ordered a Load Cell - 4 Wires - 20Kg and a HX711 module and plan to connect it to an ESP32. My question is can I connect 4 of the 20kg load cells in a wheatstone bridge configuration for improved accuracy or do I just use a single 20Kg load cell?

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Hi Mike,

These load sensors already in a Wheatstone bridge configuration, that is why there are 4 wires out instead of 2. So, as for then making a Wheatstone bridge out of Wheatstone bridges, it would be interesting to see what improvements you would get, I guess it may be diminishing.

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Hi Mike and Mitchell,

If new to electronics, I’d take a look at this article on Wheatstone Bridges, it’s similar to a bridge rectifier, but using resistors as opposed to diodes to manipulate current flow and potential difference at points in the circuit to get a ‘readable’ output.