Stranded-Core Wire Spool - 25ft - 22AWG - Orange (ADA2978)

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This wire is flexible, strong, and super easy to solder, too! Stranded core wire is best used for wiring jigs where theres bending or movement expected. Works well … read more

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is this silicon coated?

Hey Damian,
This wire isn’t silicon coated, we’ve got a special line from Adafruit which can be found by searching for ‘silicon wire’

Hi Sam,

I am specifically looking for silicon coated stranded wire in the following sizes for use on a quadcopter. I noticed that you have some wire with funky colours so was hoping this would be acceptable. Do you stock this sized wire or could you recommend a local/Australian supplier?

22AWG for motor

18AWG for ESC

14AWG for battery tail



Hi Damian,
We’ve got 22AWG wire, but not in coated silicon. I don’t believe that we have 18 or 14AWG wire though.