Stress test of Raspberry pi

Hi Sam,
Your videos are very helpful. I am doing a Health monitoring experiment on Raspberry pi 3 B+ very similar to the stress test which you have shown. I am putting 2 raspberry pis (one without heat sink and other fitted with Heat sink) in a temperature chamber(temp varying from -50 to 50 C) and stressing the pi as mentioned in the tutorial for few minutes and then allowing it to cool back and this cycle is repeated for months. I will be monitoring the temperature and other data collected online .I want to know that if by doing this(stressing the pis for many cycles) , the thermal adhesive tape used for Heat sink degrades or not ?

Hi Alshwarya,

Sam’s moved on in life, but I believe he still checks in on the forum now and again. Heat cycling is normal for thermal paste and tape. It does age over time but typically lasts several years so I don’t foresee any issues with doing this - even with an increased cycle count over those months. For consistent results you may want to replace the thermal material every so often, and have a control Pi where you don’t replace the thermal transfer material as well, depending on how scientific you want your results to be.

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