TCS3200 color sensor

Does anyone have experience with the dfrobot TCS3200 color sensor?
I cannot seem to get the LEDs to light up

Hi @Peter47774,

The schematic for that part looks like this

So you’ll need:

  • 5V connected to VCC
  • GND connected to GND
  • 5V connected to LED

You could use a digital IO for LED instead, but you can test with a 5V signal to isolate code from the situation.

Let me know how you get on with it!

Thanks Graham. I worked out by trial and error that the LED needed input voltage so I am using the Arduino 3.3 V to supply this

The documentation did not show that the LED needed to be connected

[The TCS3200 Color Sensor]

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Neat, I’m glad it all worked out!

By all means, drop back and share what you’ve made :slight_smile: