Teensy 3.2 - WIZ850io code

I need to be able to add a second WIZ850io module to my Teensy 3.2. How do I change the code to address them separately?

I have used the OSC examples in Teensy and need to be able to read the code. I can program in C quite well but do not understand how to follow C++ ( I hate C++!). I need to be able to get into the library which my code is calling and make patches in the sketch. How do I find where the libraries source is etc?


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I’m assuming that you are using the Arduino IDE with the teensy extension. As such, the library would normally be installed into Program Files (x86) -> Arduino -> libraries.

Check that folder and you will find the library complete with the .CPP (source) and .h files.

Here is a link with more information:

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