Terminal blocks for breadboard

I am a bit confused about using terminal blocks on breadboards.

  1. Should I be even wanting to put terminal block on BB ?

  2. Are terminal blocks only used on proto boards and soldered in ?

  3. If t’blocks are ok on BB… which to use i.e which “pitch”

thanks in advance

Hi Chis,

I don’t see any reason to use terminal blocks on a breadboard. You could push the wire into the breadboard, so no need for terminal blocks. You could connect much larger wire gauge to a terminal block, but if you’re doing that you are likely exceeding the specs of the breadboard.

If you do decide you want them use 0.1 inch spaced pins.

Thanks Stephen,

I was coming around to that conclusion… just confirmed.

Just to clarify,
Screw Terminal Block: 2-Pin, 3.5 mm Pitch, Top Entry (4-Pack) ( POLOLU-2442)
does 3.5 mm refer to board pin spacing? There are also 2.5mm pitch.
… and what is spacing of BB pin-holes ?

Hi Chris,

2.5mm pitch is the same as a breadboard.


That’s what I was wanting to clear up. I searched high and low!!

Thanks again Stephen

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