How to Tighten Screw Terminal Blocks (Adafruit Soundboard)?

Hey all,

Firstly, thank you to everybody who has helped me so far! :smiley: You guys rock, and I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you.

Wanted to give you guys an update: I soldered for the first time today (I soldered the line of small legs thing to the Adafruit Soundboard).

It was kinda scary, smelled a little weird, but was super fun!

I’m a little stuck on the next part. I’m trying to connect the Screw Terminal Blocks to the Adafruit soudboard, but am not sure how. Here are my questions:

Question 1:
How do I tighten or screw the screw terminal blocks in? They’re quite loose right now. Also, if the Screw terminal block pins are not touching the breadboard, is that ok?

Question 2:
I have only one speaker (the mono enclosed speaker). How do I know which hole to place it in?

Thank you everybody! :smiley:

With a screw driver
Terminal blocks in breadboard. You have successfully shorted out 2 of the terminals and one of the other pair goes nowhere. Turn them through 90º and you will be better off. I don’t like the look of that bend. Check the pin pitch and make sure it is a multiple of 2.54mm and not 2.5mm. I think should be 5.08mm but some of these terminal blocks are 5.0mm and won’t fit the breadboard properly.

It is written on the board. L (for Left) + and - and R (for Right) + and -. Made for stereo. If you only have one speaker you will only hear one channel.
Cheers Bob

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Hey Teena,

Just another catch with the larger solderable items like screw terminals and such.
You can usually clip them together, sliding that small tab it will make them sit flush together. So then you can solder them flat to the PCB.

Its coming along very nicely! I’m keen to see it done :smiley:

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AH. Must be having a brain snap or senior moment. I missed that. That is why they tilt up in the middle.
The pins must be soldered into the board. (wait until you get a decent iron) They should not be long enough to go into the breadboard. If they did with that orientation they would short out. They must not touch the contacts in the breadboard.
Cheers Bob


thank you bob!

thank you liam! :smiley:
i didn’t know you could clip them together, i’ve now clipped them and will keep you posted!

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thank you bob! :smiley:
i will make sure it doesn’t touch the breadboard.
and also thank you for the soldering point! i will make sure to get a good soldering iron first!