The Gya Project

The Gya Project is a series of fluid sculptures featuring a vortex in a large vase. The vortex is driven by an electric motor under the vase, and there are magnets connected to the motor that drive a spinner inside the vase.

See here:

I need a motor and controller that will allow me to make different types of Gya.

  • 2 - 4 watts

  • 12 volts

  • brushless

  • very long lasting

  • silent

  • controllable

  • doesn’t make electromagnetic hum

  • under $60

  • up to 2000 RPM

Controller needs to vary speed 0 - 100%

Hi Guy,

I had a quick look at some of the products on here, this seems to be a good looking motor for your project, although the pinion on the shaft might cause issues (applying heat then pulling it off might work??), the encoder is a plus if you’re looking to accurately control the speed!

and this driver should work with the motor.

I’m not able to validate the longevity of the motor although there is a 12-month warranty for defects and faults.
Using the driver control of the motor should be relatively simple if you follow this cool tutorial.