The Laser Photoelectric Switch GAB100M-AK-5V (FIT0319)

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This is a photoelectric switch that is composed of emitter and receptor.The emitter consists of a laser diode,and the laser has the characteristics of high precision, good orientation etc.The receptor consists of a photoelectric element.When receiving the laser pulse, the built-in light conducting.The emitter and receptor can assemble a detector. It can be directly compatible with Arduino to develop related products .Of course,it is also very suitable for photoelectric counting, security, ultra-high vehicle overrun detection etc.

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Looking to buy a laser operated on / off mains power switch to activate an electric motor. Need laser too.

Hey Andrew,
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Regretfully we tend not to touch mains power as it can be inherently dangerous. As well as that, Lasers are something we have to be careful with as there are restrictions around power of lasers in Australia that we have to comply with.

What kind of set up are you looking at getting fixed up, while we cant help with the supply of these types of projects, we may be able to point you in the right direction?


Hi Blayden
I am going to be a bit critical here.

I hope that would be the case here as I don’t think Core would be selling non compliant devices.

Those Orange blocks on your product page are interesting. If this device is not supposed to be available to Joe Public who are you hoping to sell them to.

Lack of pertinent information. There is a bit more on the product Wiki page but no mention of mundane things like current requirement @ 5V (apparently the operating voltage). This despite all the problems contributors to this Forum have when caught with an inadequate power source. Like Jimmy Experimentor/Maker connects this to his 5V Arduino output and oh dear, everything stops, I wonder why. Listing this little bit of information could possibly prevent this.

Product Description. There is a paragraph at the top of this post, 2 on your product web page and again in the product Wiki. All exactly the same. This looks like a poor attempt at a direct translation fro m the text in some other language (probably Chinese)

This is not too bad as these translations go but

Self explaining.

What does this mean. I can decipher the idea but at first glance it looks like garbage. This goes right back to DfRobot Wiki page.

Something I just noted on the Wiki page
NOTE: Class 3R are usually up to 5 mW and involve a small risk of eye damage within the time of the blink reflex. Staring into such a beam for several seconds is likely to cause damage to a spot on the retina
End Quote
That is fair enough but just above in the specifications are

  • Lasers safety class: 3R
  • Power(Emitter): 30mW
    End Quote
    One would think one of these statements has to be wrong. I am not familiar with “lass 3R” so I don’t know which.

I am sorry if I seem to be over critical but I am afraid this sort of thing is becoming the norm rather than exception these days. I don’t think it would hurt if someone actually read some of this material and made some attempt at verification or cleaning it up a bit before publishing.
Cheers Bob

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Hi Blaydon - I have an astromical observatory and have a chain / motor drive to turn it. I want to have a set tracks the telescope as turns following the stars and moves the observing slit in the dome to ensure that the roof doesn’t block the view. Idea is to have two laser activated switches that shine on right edge and the left edge of the slit and when the telescope moves andso do the lasers the dome drive motor is activated and tje dome keeps up with the movement of the scope.

Photoelectric is fine as long as the beam is tight and precise (hence laser suggestion). Distance from scope to slit edge is 2m

Thanks for your time mate!



Hi again - the mains power to the motor is steppex down to 24v so switch can be installed after the step down transformer

This equipment uses a laser and has the following restrictions:

  • the equipment is not intended for sale to the general public
  • the equipment is intended to be used in trades, professions or industries
  • the domestic or international prototype/product this equipment is to be used in will comply with relevant laws
  • the end-user of this equipment is licensed and trained to safely work with lasers

Does that mean this is not suitable to use to detect when my car has cleared the garage doors?

Hey Bob,

Not at all over critical, unfortunately while we try to ensure that all product pages are correct, it is an ongoing task and we do make alterations daily to different pages to ensure they are correct. I have actually logged this one to get it fixed up.

Hey Andrew,

As long as its stepped down already that should be fine, we just stay extra cautious when it comes to mains power as it can be extremely dangerous. This laser should be dine for use in the application you are looking for, it sounds like a really awesome use case for them.

Hey Politas,

The laser laws that we follow in NSW are that any Laser over 1mW of power is classed as a prohibited weapon if it is portable and battery powered. So as long the emitter is not portable, it should be safe to use, however we have to ensure that people are aware that it could be classed as such if used incorrectly. Check out the wording on the NSW Prohibited weapons list below: