Tower Light - Red Yellow Green Alert Light with Buzzer - 12VDC (ADA2993)

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THE REACTOR’S MELTING DOWN! GRAB THE FUEL CORE, JENNA, AND EVACUATE THE COMMAND CENTER! With this flexible Red-Yellow-Green Alert Light you can monitor the status … read more

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We bought two of these but they do not allow all three lights to be lit simultaneously. Is this a limitation?

Don’ have one of these myself but from the description I would assume you can light all at once, just by grounding all wires.

The brown wire is the common +12V power line, then the other wires are connected to ground to activate each of the three LED lights: red wire for red light, yellow wire for yellow light and, you guessed it, green wire for green light. The final orange wire is what controls the buzzer.

Anyway, think I would like something like this, but if all cannot be on at the same time I would not buy it.
(Core Electronics Customer)

Well I’ve already got more on the way :slight_smile: Normally they’re fine but the last batch only the yellow light has issues. It will light independently but not if either red or green are lit. Yet red and green can be lit simultaneously and earlier purchases, all three lights can be lit. I guess I will just have to return them as faulty.

Hey Geoffrey,

For returns please send an email through to and we’ll see what we can do for you and test to see if we can replicate your issue. All the best with your project!

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