U.FL to U.FL Mini Coax Cable - 200mm (WRL-15114)

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This cute little coax is a champ in our RF kit out! It has a right angle female U.FL (aka I-PEX) connector on both ends. Now instead of jerry-rigging a few U.FL … read more

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Hi. I need some help with the aerial connection and wires on a large drone.
I need to repair a length of wire and terminal connector. I will have to post a photo. Very new to all of this.

Hi Matt,

Welcome to the forum!

It’s a little hard to tell from the image, but I think you’re right, to me that looks like a UFL connector. What type of drone are you connecting this to? I’ll check out the specs for it and see whether I can find the connection type for the antenna listed.

Thanks Bryce. It’s called a DJI Agras MG-1P.
DJI are hopeless to say the least and have zero customer service. I will try and add some more photos of what is holding me up on this repair. Im not sure why that headline came up about the UFL, I didn’t select it…

The connector is one part of the problem, the wire is the other. Seems to have 4 or 5 layers.
Inner core wire, plastic cover, copper wire over that, nylon wrap around that and then the final outer cover. How on earth do I connect two of these wires together-!??

Anyway, see if any of these photos help. Let me know if you want more.

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Hi Matt

Usually you don’t. If absolutely necessary done with a male and female connector.
Any repairs to this type of cable and/or connector is not a job for the faint hearted. Be prepared to make a mess of it. That is one reason this type of thing is available with the connectors already fitted. The connector is probably crimped onto the cable and would require special tooling.
If you attempt any repair be prepared to replace if unsuccessful.
Good luck
Cheers Bob

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Hahah. Yeah you got that right-! These things are not made to be repairable so the first thing the boss says for me to do is have a go at repairing it. I can solder the little wires and heat shrink until my fingers are black but this aerial set up has me stumped because of exactly what you say, need special tooling.
Otherwise it’s just a jumble of wires-!

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You also need to be as gentle as possible with this sort of thing. They are pretty small and can be damaged easily with any heavy handed use.
Cheers Bob

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Yes that’s the problem, the little brass (?) connector has snapped off and so won’t fit into the aluminium female end.
There are two connections. I have one that will connect to the female but is not connected to an aerial, and one that is connected to an aerial but has a broken male connector…
DJI don’t permit self repair of their drones other than by nominated repair places… that is not only very expensive but it is a very long (two month or more) process…

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You will probably have to replace the complete cable with connectors fitted.
Cheers Bob

Yeah bob I reckon you are spot on. Too hard and silly to try and repair this. Can get replacement aerial, cable & connector for $35.00 each I have just found, will take a month to get here but would take me longer-!
Thanks for your help.

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No problem. I think that is the only way to get a satisfactory result.
Cheers Bob

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Hey Matt,

Yeah, for the sake of the time that it would take to try and fix these it may be better to bite the bullet and get a replacement antenna. They’re quite fragile and attempting to fix this up may only damage the parts further. All the best with the drone mate!