BT antenna replacement

Hey guys,

looking for a small bluetooth antenna to replace one on a German-made data recorded which then pairs with a PC via BT. The connector is same as found on laptop WiFi and BT cards. Have not been able to find a suitable replacement. Would appreciate any suggestions where I might be able to find something similar. Last resort, I can use the plug I already have and attach another antenna, but in the first instance, would like to try and find a commercial solution (if available). Several photos attached, showing the type, size and connector.

Hi Mark,

Is that a U.FL connector? Like this one?

It’s hard to tell from the picture.

Hey Stephen,

it looks like it. When I first had a look at this particular antenna the plug on the site looked a bit different, but looking at the actual antenna being plugged into the card, it certainly looks like the right connector.

Now I just need to find a similar antenna to the original one, that comes with U.FL connector.

Bluetooth operates on 2.4GHz, so this antenna would work great! Alternatively we have this one:

or this:

and this:

The adapter is less desirable as you will lose gain with every connection.

Hi Stephen,

it turns out it is not the U.FL connector after all. It is similar in size, but I was unable to connect the cable I removed from an old laptop. The plug has no perforations and it is longer, so it sort of goes inside the connector on the card, rather than around it, as it is the case with U.FL. I am not sure how to identify the plug type. The photo’s I’ve uploaded originally are all high res, and the last one shows the plug reasonably well when zoomed in.


I’m not sure what that connector might be then. I haven’t encountered anything other than a UFL with that footprint. Let me know if you figure it out!