Ultimate Retic Pi

Hi folks

So I am thinking of putting together something to manage my home reticulation. I wanted to go PoE as well (if possible) to reduce the number of cables and I prefer to hardware endpoints than to use wifi.

To that end, I was thinking of the following components:

To that end, I think I would need:


The idea would be to use OSPi and the touchscreen with the browser in Kiosk Mode for the “external” interface.

My main concern is powering this little beauty. So I might need to look at something like this https://www.littlebird.com.au/poe-splitter-with-microusb-plug-isolated-12w-5v-2-4-amp but again I dont think it will be enough power.


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Hi Jarrad,

If you use the PoE hat there will be no need for the PoE splitter. They serve the same purpose, the PoE splitter is taking power out of a PoE cable.

2.5 amps is usually enough to power the Pi and the display.

You need a PoE injector like this one:

Everything else looks good though! Good luck with your project!

Will the PoE hat be able to be used with the OSPi addon at the same time? I get the impression that they won’t.

I’m also concerned that the Pi is meant to theoretically power itself, the display and the OSPi board.

Hi Jarrad,

I see, I had to look up the OSPi. It looks like the OSPi is powered off the sprinkler valve power, with some left over to run a Raspberry Pi. It specifically says that there will not be enough power for a 3B+ and if you choose to use one you will need to power it externally. For this project, I’d recommend using a 3B to keep your power demands down a bit.

Here is another PoE solution that would work for you:

I’m not sure how many amps you can safely draw through a PoE setup, but I suspect that you will be pushing it with both the display and Raspberry Pi.

Hi Stephen

So in theory, the sprinkler valve power + one of the PoE solutions you suggested and a 3B+ or a 3B might do the trick?

Hi Jarrad,

Yes, thats right.

I would use the 3B because it uses less power. There is really no need for the more powerful processor of the 3B+ in this application.

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Thanks Stephen!

Looking forward to getting this one off the ground.

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