USB-C In-Line Power Switch Cable for Raspberry Pi 4 (CE06575)

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This handy little guy is a female to male USB C cable with an inline switch which allows you to toggle the device ON or OFF on your Raspberry Pi 4.

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This has been a useful item for connecting and disconnecting power to my Raspberry Pi 4.
It does not work with my Raspberry Pi 5 with the 27W supply, however it does work with the 15W supply, weird. The complexities of USB-C.

The Pi 5 when shutdown leaves the LED on (red) and consumes 1W to 1.4W by default.
If you change an Eprom setting it will drop to 0.1W. (documented on the official web page).

Being the kind of person I am, I would like to see the LED off when shutdown. There is a power LED option in raspi-config which says not available on this version. The way the Pi 5 controls the LED is different from the Pi 4. Maybe there will be an option to set it off in the future, maybe not. Without any form of a schematic for the Raspberry Pi 5 it is hard to say.


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Hi Jim,

Thanks for letting us know. We’ve made some tweaks to the product page the describe this phenomenon but to fill you in here’s the reason

The inline switch will not work with USB-C “Smart eChargers” or the Raspberry Pi 5 Adapter because only power pins are passed through (data pins are not).

It is essentially one of the complexities of USB-C. While it is a great all around connector there is lots of variation in the cables you can get.