USB Flash Drive support for Arduino Uno with Seeed CAN BUS shield on top

CAN-BUS Shield V2 (Seeed Studio) and Arduino Uno R3.
I need lo load a USB fash drive to log incoming CAN messages.
Can someone suggest a product which will connect on top of the CAN BUS shield and not fight over the pins.

Hi Alan,

The CAN-BUS shield has an SD Card slot on board for data logging, so I’d recommend using that and just keeping a cheap USB SD card reader to hand.

You could also try the SD Data logging shield from Adafruit:

Or the Sparkfun OpenLog Qwiic:

As you can see from the schematic, the CAN-BUS shield has a lot of free pins, including RX/TX:

So if you wanted to have it output over USB you could even just use a serial.write() command, or setup a Softwareserial port on some unused pins and use a USB -> UART converter.

If you really need to use a flash drive and can’t use an SD card for some reason, you’re going to need a USB Host.

We’ve got USBDroid and the USB Host Shield from Sparkfun:

I think both of these will have some Pin conflict with the CAN-BUS shield on the MOSI-MISO so you will need multiple Arduino’s - one for the CAN-BUS and one for the USB flash drive, and implement a communication protocol for them.


Thank you,

I will study in depth.