CAN Bus data logger for vehicles

I’m planning an engine conversion project on a MB Sprinter and want to “baseline” my vehicles starting point with its standard engine. Getting some log files across different driving scenarios so when the new motor goes in I’ll have a starting point for mission critical messages etc.

The products I’m looking at to get started (Just data logging at the moment)

CAN-BUS Shield V2.0 but I can’t tell if it has a real time clock?

Adafruit Assembled Data Logging shield for Arduino- but needs some extra stuff before plug and play

Also to note, the body CAN Bus module has a bit rate of 83.3kbs. I’m not sure of the bit rate of engine
module, which is the one I’m most interested in. Can you adjust the reading bit rate for either of these shields? Forgive me if this is a simple question, I’m new to this field of investigation.

Hi Andrew,

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It looks like the CAN-BUS shield has a built in SD card reader, so you should be able to log to the SD card using that module and avoid the need for a datalogging shield.
There is an Arduino example to read and write data to the SD card on the manufacturer’s wiki under the heading “SD CARD Read and Write” it’s the last example before the bottom of the page.

As for setting the CAN-BUS baudrate it looks like there is a function to adjust the baudrate under the heading Arduino Library Function

Thanks Trent,
That help, especially using the correct terminology for my search.
The other question was regarding the RTC, does the Can Bus Shield v2.0 have one? Or does it have an alternative method of time keeping. My intention is to video record my dash display while running data logging during driving tests. I can then align vehicle data with visual record. I will go through a process of disconnecting various sensors while the engine is running to see what effect it will have on dashboard warning lights etc.

Hi Andrew,

If the designers had spent the money and time getting an RTC on that board, you can bet they’d brag about it on the specs! (looks like it doesn’t have one). Luckily though, the Arduino can measure time well enough in the short term (hours), and since you’ll be logging a run and then you’re done, you might not need an RTC:

If you do want to add one, they are reasonably inexpensive: