USB Keyboard-Mouse with Teensy

Christian just shared a new tutorial: "USB Keyboard-Mouse with Teensy"

Hey all! By now you should have heard about all the wonderful Teensy Boards produced by Paul Stoffregen and the PJRC team but, in case you haven’t, they’re a collection of high-speed, ARM-based microcontrollers that have the …

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Hi Christian,
Thanks for the post.
I’m looking for a way to use a morse paddle (or straight morse key) to emulate a full ascii keyboard.
In the context of ‘assistive’ technology, I can send morse code at 30 WPM which is much faster than I can type on a PC keyboard. Perhaps something like: morse key > micro-controller > USB Keyboard.
Any guidance will be much appreciated.
John Loftus

Hi John,

This tutorial is a great place to start.
For what you need, you would only need to have one button.
The trick is going to come in how you will convert your button presses into keyboard characters.
Once you have a button wired in I would record yourself “Typing” some morse code with a for loop that records the presses you make so you can find the timing for your dots and dashes.

Alternatively, you could have a separate button for dashes and dots.