Use raspberry pi to send data from Davis Weather console to Weatherlink

I have an existing Davis Vantage Pro 2 console that is currently sending data to Weatherlink through my laptop - resulting in my wife and I being able to monitor weather at our place through iphones - system works great but now my laptop is required to go to sites with me leaving data packets unsent and no resultant weather reports using iPhone.

I want to connect the USB data logger on my console to a R Pi and use that to send data to Weatherlink via ethernet cable through my NBN router - is that possible and simple ? I think the RPi would also have to maintain the Weatherlink page open to keep the network upload working.

I was going to purchase a R Pi4 and get a RPi 7’’ touchscreen - I am a builder and know nothing about RPi but am willing to learn to get this project underway and then work on a couple of other ideas.

Any feedback (in simple English please) as to where I can start down this road and seek out information ?

I would recommend you start by reading this thread from the Raspberry Pi forum. A discussion on this topic, with quite a few links to get you started.

Thanks Robin57159 - much appreciated