Using a remote to power fountain pump

Hi All,
I’m building a wall mounted water feature and don’t want the pump power cord hanging down the wall, plus it restricts me as to having to be near a GPO so I can plug it in.

Is there a type of remote sender/receiver, where I can plug the sender in at a nearby GPO, the receiver hidden in feature attached to little water pump, and a remote to turn it on/off…that’s the general idea
Picture your normal little table top water feature
Power : AC 12v /50HZ 18W

Hope its possible and you can help

Much Appreciated All


Hi Sean
You won’t be able to send the pump power over a remote system. This will still have to be provided locally. All you will be able to do is turn it on and off. A 7 Day timer on the pump power may be all you need. Plug the time into a power point then the pump power supply into that.
Probably not as much fun as using a microcontroller such as Arduino or RPi but a whole lot simpler.
Cheers Bob
PS. If you have a smart house you could possibly used a remote controlled power point. There are lots of ways but you can’t send the power over the air waves.


Hi Roberto

Thanks a lot for quick reply , I just realised , I need a conductor for the electrons to flow thru, bummer, will have to work out a way to hide that ugly cord

Thanks again


How about buying an Arlec remote controlled power outlet from Bunnings. Plug the power outlet into the GPO and the 12 volt AC pump power supply into the power outlet. It isn’t as much fun as a DIY that switches the 12 volt AC supply.


Hi John

Good suggestion , I’ll use that

Thanks mate

Hi All,

To add to the conversation - I recently picked up one of these mains outlet controllers to control the power to my 3D printer.
It would work amazing for this project!


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