Verter 5V Buck Boost PCB with Solar

Hi Team,

I have found your product - VERTER 5V USB BUCK-BOOST - 500MA FROM 3V-5V / 1000MA FROM 5V-12V

SKU: ADA2190

and have some questions I’m hoping you might be able to offer some advice on.

I would like to power the board using a small solar panel and then use it to charge 5V USB devices, including Apple Iphone.

The panels will produce around 6.6V consistently in good conditions, with a max current of 2.4A.

There will be times when the voltage may dip but the most frequent issue is drop in current (whenever there is reduction in sunlight strength).

Apple phones wont accept the charge after the power dips below 500mA until it has be stopped and restarted. Do you know if this board will cut power altogether if the current drops below 500mA and restart when it comes back up?

Also do you know if the board will be able to deliver a good/smooth charge voltage whilst the current fluctuates?

Will it be able to deliver a 2.4A output at 5.2V when the panel is at full power?

Thanks for your help in advance. If you have any other products you could recommend that would be appreciated.