VL53L1X Distance Mode and Timing Budget

Before purchasing the Piicodev VL53L1X, I had a read of the datasheet listed on the product page.

The datasheet lists that the sensor has a controllable ‘mode’, and also an adjustable timing budget.

For my application, I need to use the short mode, and adjust the timing budget. I am also interested in adjusting the programmable ROI.

Are there plans to add this functionality to the PiicoDev_VL53L1X library? If not, how can I access these parameters?

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Sorry about the delayed response. This is a question that really only @Michael would be able to give you an answer for as this is in his domain. We’ll have him back next week and he’ll be able to dive in from there.

Hi @3head - welcome to the forums.

There are no active plans to expand the functionality of the VL53L1X - ST keeps the details of this device pretty close to their chest so the functionality we’ve been able to eek out has been largely due to reverse engineering existing open-source drivers that are available on eg. GitHub.

You can see that the API manual is about as close as it gets to a functional description.

I see no reason why you couldn’t modify ours or another driver for the functionality you desire, but it’s not something that we’ve found to be readily available.

If you decide to have an experiment and feel like you want to share the results, let us know or open a pull request on the repo :smiley:

Best of luck with your project :call_me_hand:

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