Voice recognition pi zero

We have set up our new pi zero and run some very simple code to test.
The planned project involves voice controlling a robotic arm.
Can anyone suggest a voice recognition package appropriate for interpreting a dozen simple instructions to operate a few motors?
A search seams to find a lot of complex options, but I assume there’s a simpler solution.
Thanks for your time
Nathan :nerd_face:

Hi Nathan,

The Google AIY voice kit uses a Pi Zero and a variant of the Voice Bonnet in combination with some google services to command code with your voice, so I’d give that a look:

Thanks for the response James. I expect I might need to go the route of AIY, but I was hoping to get this operating offline.
I’m still researching, but Wake Words seem to be programmable that don’t require the unit to be online. All I want is eight or ten words to control some simple movements. My overly simplistic brain suggests this should be easy, but I fear it’s going to be beyond me.

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