Voltage regulator

This may be a little too simple for you but I need to regulate the output voltage from two series connected 12 volt car batteries, ie, 24 volts nom. We have managed to destroy a control circuit which was rated at max 24 v. because the charged battery voltage was too high.
The game is running model trains, G gauge, 45mm track.
The location is next to my swimming pool so 240 volts is not welcome at all, hence the batteries.
I would be more than happy to run at 22.5 volts with 10 amps available, 15 would be better. There does not appear to be anything commercially available that I can find so the soldering iron may have to be heated.
Anybody got any bright ideas please.

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Hi Colin,

Regulating that high of amperage is a little out of the maker electronics umbrella, so unfortunately we don’t carry anything that can handle that kind of load. I would also like to point out that two car batteries near a pool is still potentially dangerous. I think the best option would be to use A/C to a 24V power supply. If you don’t want AC near the pool then house the power supply a short distance away and run the 24V DC power lines to the project.

I batteries are the best option. I have used this regulator in the past and it works well. You may need to add a heat-sink. Output voltage is 12V standard, you can adjust this by turning the “R7” adjustment screw. Be sure to read the datasheet on proper hookup because it doesn’t come with any info on how to use it.

Good luck and please share your project with us on the forums!