Waveshare 5 inch stopped working

I recently bought a Waveshare 5 inch screen for my Rasberry Pi. Its the 3rd time ive taken it out of the box and its stopped working. Just a dead screen. The red and green lights are lit on the back, so i guess its got power, but no picture. The Pi has power but can really see anything beyond that as the screen dosent work. Any suggestions?

Hi Tristan,

Which Waveshare screen have you got? There are a couple of 5 inch versions.

Strange that it has power but no picture, if it is an LCD screen, does the backlight come on even if the screen stays black? Do you have some pictures of your setup?

Hi Trent,

Thanks for getting back to me. It’s the 5” hdmi lcd touch. The backlight doesn’t come on but the screen gives a quick blip when connected to the power. As you can see the green and red lights are both lit.

When I turned it on yesterday the screen appeared quickly then shifted to grey and white lines followed by darkness.

The Pi is a 4B and from what I can tell is working ok but not 100% sure as I don’t have another screen.

See attached for a picture of the setup.

Any help would be great.


Hi Tristan,

Thanks for sending those photos, I can’t see anything that looks like a quick fix to recommend trying.

Do you have any other HDMI display you could try and troubleshoot with like a TV or something? It would be really good if we could isolate the display as the cause of the problem and prove the Pi is fine. Alternatively, if you had a different computer or laptop with HDMI output you could check that the problem isn’t the input signal.

If there is no further troubleshooting we can do with equipment you already have send through an email to support@coreelectronics.com.au and we’ll move through the returns/replacement process to get this one sorted out.

Hi Trent,

Thanks for te suggestions. I’ve tried the Pi in a HDMI Smart TV and it works fine. I plugged the screen into my laptop and unfortunatley I still get no picture so I guess thats the problem. I’ve cc’d in support so they can follow the issue.

I also have another tech question which I’m hoping you can help with…

I found a 5.6 inch screen online which is the perfect size for the project I’m working on. However, I’m a total noob and dont know how to connect it to the rasberry pi. I’ve attached a photo of the rear of the screen. Any advice would be great.



Hi Tristan,

Thanks for doing that troubleshooting, now we can rule out the Pi we are closer to identifying the problem.

I’m not certain this is compatible, you would need to investigate further, but this decoder board could possibly work with that other screen you have found. https://core-electronics.com.au/tfp401-hdmi-dvi-decoder-to-40-pin-ttl-breakout-without-touch.html

Regarding the RMA process for your suspect-defective screen, I’ll leave that one to be handled via email with the support team for privacy and security reasons.

Hi Tristan,

To answer your question sent via email, the cable to use with the decoder board I have linked is this one. https://core-electronics.com.au/40-pin-0-5mm-pitch-fpc-flex-cable-with-a-b-connections-25cm-long.html

You will still need to investigate whether the output of the decoder board is suitable for your display as I have no information on it other than the picture you have sent.

Hi Trent,

Thanks for your continuing support with this project the supplier has indicated that the screen only supports RGB and that i need an LCD controller, though im not sure what that is. Please find below a link to the display.


Hopefuly it will work with the decoder you supplied in the link.

Very best