Waveshare Pico LCD 1.14

I’m using a RPi Pico to make up an PID controller for an old espresso machine. At the end of the day, the pico will be connected to a IC sensor, PSU and a relay. But while I’m prototyping I’m using a breadboard and will need to add at least one pot and a display temporarily while I tune the PID. (to display P,I,D and ideally a plot of the temperature).
I bought the Waveshare Pico LCD 1.14

My pico doesn’t have soldered headers (but I could get one with, or solder as required)
The display HAT seems to take up all the pins on the pico, leaving none for the other connections I will need.
I don’t need to use the buttons on the display.
So to my question:
What are the bare minimum connections I can use if I want to use jumper cables to connect the display to the pico temporarily?
Or should I have bought a different display?
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Ok, found this info, so should be good now.

Hi Andrew,

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Glad you were able to locate the pinout via the manufacturer’s wiki. That’s generally the best resources out there for Waveshare gear.
I noticed you included the photo for the Pico but not the display pinout, I’ve included it below for anyone else who follows up on the topic later.

Let us know how you get on with the PID controller project, would love to see some photos once you’ve got it up and running.

Thanks, Trent - I accidentally uploaded the wrong image from my desktop!
I’m struggling now with installing the package for the display. I’m on a Mac, and when I open terminal (on the Mac, I presume it’s meant to be, rather than on the pico?) it’s not recognising the commands.
Anyway, I’ve downloaded the packages onto my Mac from the website -

Now I’m not sure how to get them onto the pico. I’m using Thonny.
Is this something you know how to do?

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Hi Andrew,

The Windows instructions in the wiki should work for a Mac UNLESS you have the latest Mac version which came out last week and broke the process.

You can find the Windows instructions here:

If it gives you “error code 100093” then you’ll probably need to read this article which has a workaround.

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