What Are NeoPixel LEDs?

Sam just shared a new tutorial: "What Are NeoPixel LEDs?"

So in case you haven’t heard yet, digital LEDs are the go-to solution for any project that uses RGB LEDs and you want to avoid the rat’s nest that ensures when using multiple RGB LEDs, each colour requiring its own connection. Digital…

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Nice tutorial @Sam, I hope to get some use of it soon. But can you shed any light (err, pun) on how narrow or broad the emission spectrum of these LEDs are when you program them for colours by setting the RGB 0-255 levels? Thanks!


Hey Leon,

Here’s some info I found in a datasheet via google:

Here’s the link:

Also, most LEDs are pretty narrow. Here’s a typical red LED:

There aren’t all that many materials to choose from when it comes to making LEDs. You could probably cross reference the values from the datasheet with values for common LED materials to work out what each is made from, then get emission spectrum plots for those materials.

Let us know what you find!