What are these switches called?

Hi guys, been trying to wire a electronic cymbal and wanted to ask what sort of switch this is called. Essentially, applying force to any part of the membrane makes 2 conductive elements touch, and that completes the circuit.
It doesn’t even have to be round - just need a flat membrane which can complete a circuit if force is applied.
Many thanks

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Hi Kevin,

Looks to me like a custom form of a pressure switch or sensor. It’s quite difficult to tell from a photo, although I’m fairly sure that it’s not supplied at Core Electronics, unfortunately. Are you after a replacement for it?

If so, I’d suggest looking on eBay or Amazon for the same Electric Cymbal that it is from to see whether you can get the same type of switch again.

Hey Bryce, thanks for the response. Photo was just for reference - I’m looking for a very thin switch which can close a circuit if you press it. These things I ordered were EXPENSIVE for a switch haha… (it doesn’t sense pressure so it’s not a ribbon piezo, I think it just sends a on/off signal).

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