Glove finger switch help please?

Hi, I am pretty new to electronics and need some help please? I want to make a glove that I can wear and use as a remote control. The idea is that if I touch my thumb to my index finger, I can send an RF signal to and Arduino that controls a stepper motor. If I touch my thumb to the middle finger a different signal is sent and so on.

I have been looking for a small button /switch I can sew into the glove finger tips (kind of on the side of the finger tip where it is easily pressed by the thumb). The other option would be to sew some conductive fabric on the thumb and finger tip to complete the circuit.

I am seeking recommendations or information on how I might achieve this?


Hi Craig,

I have seen exactly what you are wanting done with pressure sensors. These sensors reduce in resistance as they have pressure applied so they could be wired to one of the analogue inputs of the Arduino.

Thanks @Clinton. Can the long tail be cut off the sensor closer to the round part? Also, how flexible is that long section? In the application I have, the gloved hand will need to have the fingers curled to hold a rope so whatever I use to run down the finger needs to be able to bend.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hi Craig,

It is very flexible, and you could cut it, though it might be tricky to get that good of a bond that will also be flexible. Aka; solder will crack. An idea comes to mind as I type; perhaps you could use conductive thread on the cut piece

Thanks @Graham. I have been thinking about conductive thread to run down the fingers to whatever I use for a sensor / switch too.

I have been looking into the pressure sensing resistors and found that Pololu has a 1/4” short tail version that would probably work. Is this something that you can get?

Cheers :slight_smile:

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We should have it already in the catalogue. Try search for POLOLU-1234 (change 1234 for their part number).