What parts would i need to build a welcome mat that make sound

Hello Iam a uni student and not sure what parts would I need to build one of my projects. but a friend said I could get them here.
so what I want to build is a “sound mat” only needs to be a prototype
some one recommended an Arduino. but what other parts would I need.
Iam trying to build a “welcome mat” that plays sound when stepped on.
I guess any idea on a list of things you could recommend for me would be great?
also 1 more question?
not for the above mentioned project
I got a stepper motor “ROB-09238” and a friend can give me a A4988 Stepper Motor Driver
would that work or what would i need to get that going.
I guess I just want a list of parts I would need to get either these projects running


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Hi JJ.

I think the floor mat switch is something you’ll need to make yourself. I’ve done some Googling and can find things like this:

I’d recommend you look at a few and work out which one you think you’d like to make. Robot Geek has a kind of pressure mat switch you can buy although I haven’t found where. Their video How to Wire Up Floor Mat Switches with Arduino would show you the other half of what you need to do to get your mat switch working with your Arduino.

Your stepper motor and driver board seem to be compatible. You should read both data sheets to make sure you understand how to make them work together.

I can’t give you a full list of parts for either project as I’d need to design the projects first. When you get your projects designed we can be more specific about helping choose components. Hope that helps!

  • Chris

ok cool thanks for the help.

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I’d love to see a write-up for the Welcome Mat project JJ, it sounds like a fun one! See our Projects here - https://core-electronics.com.au/projects