What power supply?

Gday, I’m working on a project which is a painting with lights painted on it. I’m wanting to put coloured 10mm led globes in the painting and am wondering what power supply I need to supply them?

There is 7 x 12v 0.5w globes and about 20 meters of figure 8 cable all up. It will be turned on from 240v switch.

Hey Lachlan,

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Would it be possible to send through a link to the LED’s you are using? We’ll just have to check this to ensure that they don’t burn out from too much current.

From the sounds of it we’ll need some current limiting resistor inline with the LED’s (check out this excellent explanation here: Why exactly can't a single resistor be used for many parallel LEDs? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange) and a power supply (dependent on the forward voltage - current relation).

Once you send through the product we can take a look at specific power supplys!
But something like this is very good for the application since you won’t have to do too much soldering.