Power Supply Female DC Connector

Hi everyone.

First time trying to put together a 5V LED strip to run on WLED. I bought a power supply from Aliexpress which is 5V 10 Amps. The DC connector size is 2.5mm according to the product page (DC Power Supply).

My first LED project is only 3 meters (WS2812B 30 LEDs a meter) and yes, I know that power supply is probably a little overkill :yum:

I’m searching for a 2.5mm female DC Barrel connector and pardon my ignorance, but will something like this work? Can I buy this?


Hi Mark
Don’t see why not. But may I ask why you are going to China and putting up with their Sloooooow postage when I think that device is available locally.
Cheers Bob


Hi Bob,

Thank you for taking the time to answer.

Good question- short answer is I don’t know where to source certain things locally! You’re right though- it is slow and I should have this project up and running by Christmas hopefully :grin:

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Hi Mark.
Core have them but are you sure it is 2.5mm. All the ones I have seen are 2.1mm. You have to know what Core call them. I found it searching for “DC Barrel”. Jaycar also but are 2.1mm as well.
Cheers Bob.
Unfortunately searching some of these web sites you have to know exactly what the item is called. Even then you wind up with a multitude of unrelated items.


Hi Mark,

Welcome to the forum!!

If you were after a way of getting to the wires non-destructively I’d grab an adapter cable like this: DC Power Extension Cable 1.5m length with 2.1mm plug and 2.5mm socket | DFRobot FIT0114 | Core Electronics Australia
And splice it apart (I havent taken one of these apart so not sure if it actually contains 2 seperate wires)

If you want some wires out personally (and destructively) I’d get some a decent crimping tool, some heatshrink and have a go at cutting the power supplies wires apart - note that the power supply is rated for 50W but there arent any specs so might supply more DONT SHORT IT!!!

PS: Also check out Adafruits Uberguide for all things WS2812! The Magic of NeoPixels | Adafruit NeoPixel Überguide | Adafruit Learning System


Hi Mark,

Classic trap. 5.5mm OD x 2.5mm ID is an uncommon size, while 5.5mm x 2.1mm are everywhere.

I had a bit of a look too, the only thing I could find on the Core site was the one Liam linked above. The only other thing I could find with a 2.5mm on it is an adapter in the other direction (2.5 Male to 2.1 Female).

The adapters you linked should work fine, but if you don’t want to wait 2 months, I’d grab the one Liam linked and a normal 2.1 to terminal from here:

Or it looks like Jaycar have these that should get you out of trouble too:


Hi Oliver

I think Core have both sexes.
Cheers Bob
I keep getting confused with these things. That one you linked is the female socket to me. The one with the pin I would call the male plug. I have seen these described both ways.


Haha yeah, they’re pretty androgynous connectors

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Hi Bob ,
Reading off their website (with the link I provided initially), it says 2.5mm and my rough measurement seems to show the internal diameter being bigger than 2.1mm. The 2.5mm doesn’t appear to be as as easy to find unfortunately. I can see that you could get an adapter that is from 2.5mm to 2.1mm and then buy the one from Core, but if possible, it would be neat to get the one item.

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Hi Liam120347,

Thank you for your cool ideas. Unfortunately I’m much of a newbie, so the slicing and dicing is a little beyond my paygrade! I wish I had the confidence and knowledge as that could open up those options. I guess the first option by simply plugging it on would work.

Thanks for sharing the Uberguide link too. Looks very interesting and I’ll be sure to have a good read of that.

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Hi Oliver,

You’re spot on- classic trap and total rookie mistake. :grin:

I spoke with Core earlier today too- they were so helpful and they suggested I post here as he said ‘…people are very friendly and helpful’. He certainly wasn’t wrong.

To be honest, I didn’t recognise the size difference and was just about to order the one from Core, but lucky I thought about double checking.

I think you’ve summarised it well: being willing to wait for 2 months or run with the good advice Liam gave.

Thanks for chipping in mate.