Whats the best 9-DOF sesnor out there

im looking to add a 9-DOF sesnor to my project which will utalise cuircutpython/micropython.

I was planning on using the BNO085 which seems to be very accurate but this one seems to be a pain to get hold of as it is sold out everywhere.

What other 9-DOF sensor would you recomend which has a very high sensitivity as the movements im trying to track are very minimal and thus i am requiering a high persission sensor. With also less drift over time as possible as i have heard that some sensors start to drift and or cant find the 0,0,0 point even whn on a flat surface.


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Hi Markus,

Hmm, maybe a tracking solution based on a camera might be a better solution if you’re looking for 0 drift? the 3 extra “degrees of freedom” offered by a magnetometer in these IMUs is usually enough to keep them drifting less.

I personally haven’t had too much experience with these high-end IMUs, I have heard good things about the BNO085, it’s a shame that the chip shortage is hitting it so badly (likely due to the on-board Cortex M0 microcontroller that does the sensor fusion)

Hopefully you find something in stock to satisfy your needs soon!

Hi James,
Sadly the use of a camera is a good idea but not possible in the application as it needs to be very compact module (finished product) and be able to be mounted to a surface where it then measures.

these are currently the ones which have 9DOF https://core-electronics.com.au/search/?fq[aw_shopbybrand_brand]=Adafruit&q=9-dof

Is there any you know which would be close to the BNO085 or better? If theres a better 9DOF out there im would be very happy about that :slight_smile: the onboard IMU is a nice feature but wouldnt be nessasary as im going to connect it with a tinyRP2040 which can do the processing if needed, but having the IMU will make accessing the data much easier :slight_smile:

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Hi Markus,

If you’re dead set on having magnetometer input, you can get a 6DoF IMU:

and a separate magnetometer:

And fuse the data in your Pico:

But I’m not sure how well this will stack up to the BNO085, Hillcrest Labs do the data fusion on the BNO, and it seems they are quite good at it in Adafruit’s experience.

All the best with your project!


great thanks so much for this :slight_smile: