Which Arduino should I use to program a 2 channel aquarium light?

I am in search for an Arduino board, which I want to use on my aquarium light. The light is 165w with 2 channels. 27 blue LEDs on 1 channel and 28 LEDs consisting of red, blue and green. Both channels have an individual dimmer dial. Each channel is currently on an analog timer at the power point.

I would like to change it so that when channel 1 turns on the intensity of the light slowly increases over 2 hours to the brightness I have it set at before channel 2 turns on.
And when the light turns off I want channel 2 to turn off and channel 1 ramp down over 2 hours before turning off.

Is this possible and what would I need?

Any help is appreciated thank you.

Hi Gene,

Sounds like a great project underway. How are the dimmers controlled, PWM?

If so, are any properties defined by the manufacturer, voltage, frequency, etc?

Too be honest im not sure. The electronics thing is completely new to me.
The dimmers are controlled by a dial/knob on each channel.

Ive screenshotted the specifications of the light. Hopefully it uploads.

My aim here is to have a sunrise/sunset on my light to help with the corals. I want ro try do this without spending $600 on a light with the function already inbuilt.

Hi Gene,

Thanks for that info. Hmm, this might be a bit out of my league as I was hoping there was something like a dimmer “input” (such as a connector, or terminal block) that you could send pulses to (which is how these things normally work).

If there are dials (either rotary encoders or potentiometers) already installed, then it might turn into more of a hack than a integration. Given 240V is in use, it might be dangerous as well.

Perhaps the manufacturer can help - maybe contact whom you bought it from and ask for their recommendations to control the dimmer automatically?

Thank you for your help.
Hopefully i can work something out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Let me know how you get on with it - I am interested to hear what way you go about it!