Which cellular device

Hi all,

So I have been playing around with the idea of converting one of my current esp32 based projects into a cellular based device, so I got hold of a hologram IoT sim card and proceeded to pop it into a sim800l esp32 based dev kit that I had lying around and of course, it no work.

Now, my question is this, what would be my easiest/cheapest solution if I wanted to make use of say a sim7600 based solution? Or are there any other devices out there that might do the job?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



Ok, so to answer my own question, looks like the Pycom GPY and FIPY will be able to give me what I want and need


Hi Altus,

Glad you came to the conclusion here on your own! The Pycom boards are great, but they can take a little coercing on the IDE side, so if you run into troubles there, please let us know here!

All the best with your project!


Will do, but I do like swearing at inanimate objects, so got that going for me