What provider choice do i have for cellular LTE CAT M1/NB1

I am seeking a provider and SIM for LTE CAT M1 for my pycom device.

Any tips appreciated before i wander in to my local Telstra shop :slight_smile:

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@Chris is definitely your best go-to for this one. He has had plenty of experience with the PyCom gear.

Hey Maurice, there’s an issue at present between Telstra and Pycom’s LTE devices (GPy & FiPy). My own projects are in limbo too. You can read up on the latest at the Pycom Forums. This posting is a main one.

My recommendation right now is that you try another carrier, not Telstra. Obviously Telstra is the ideal pick due to their superior coverage, but until this issue is resolved there is no connectivity for Pycom devices on Cat M1.

  • Chris.

Thanks for quick reply and the link.

Can i share this information in th e link or connect a person from it, Who best to choose.

I have a colleague who is on a panel at an industrial park which will go to trial a high data rate 4g trial, specs show CAT M1 and NBIOT to be now capable, several people who have tech responsibility are on his panel.

Regards Maurice

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Maurice, an update!

Looks like Pycom are on top of things! I haven’t tried the updated firmware but hope to get to it tomorrow.

I have just been testing this and my end game is Cat-M1 with Volte as demoed by Eriscson on Telstra I believe. I am currently testing a couple of Sim7000e devices with a Telstra sim from m2mone less headache than trying to get a sim off Telstra. It seems to be ok getting some +CSQ: 31 so hopefully will live up to it’s claims. I have been able to send sms and receive sms however only receive new sms on reboot so something is up that I’m trying to troubleshoot. Also getting a CPAS : 4 which means call in progress so a bit confused and may be the cause of the incoming sms issue.

Apart from Voda maybe Optus is a no go atm. They are only going to Cat-NB1 at this stage and they are currently still in trial with enterprise and mainly targeting large utilities atm.

I was wondering if anyone had a good experience with Cat M1 sim cards on pycom Gpy and Fipy? Has Telstra service improved with their own sim cards? How is m2mone service compared to Hologram and other global sim cards like particle?


Was wondering if anyone had an update to this? Very interested to hear how the GPy is going for everyone in 2020.

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