Which GPS Module to use

Hi, I need to incorporate GPS location into my project, and am trying to work out the best hardware to use.
The project is the instrumentation of an agricultural implement, that travels up and down a field at between 3 and 12 km/hr. I understand I won’t get anywhere near RTK accuracy, however I’d like to be able to go back and map (to within ~2-3 metres), the measured values at any point in the field.

When I do this manually, I sit in the cab of the machine with a Garmin hand held (Oregon 550) GPS, sans external antenna and that gives me pretty much the level of detail I need.

I’m working with Particle Electron

Any help much appreciated!

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for dropping by! My pick would be GP-735 - it is tiny and fast, more importantly, it will operate @3.3V so it makes everything nice and simple with the Particle Electron. You’ll need a JST wire assembly if you don’t have one already.

There are many GPS projects in the wild based on Particle Electron. GPS is quite easy to work with, it’s almost entirely passive and no module setup is needed unless you are getting into some distant use cases of GPS.

Yep, there’s also the Particle GPS asset tracker kit which comes with the Particle GPS shield, although it comes bundled with an electron so if you already have on that might not be the best option.

Thanks for your help Graham. Have ordered the 735.

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Thanks Sam. Couldn’t find that one on the Core website (but could on the particle site). Have ordered the GPS module separately.

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