Pi Zero - obtain GPS location at timely interval

We are looking to use Pi Zero in an offline environment and will be collecting GPS location at timely intervals. Our use case does not require precise GPS location. Our assembly includes Piico adapters and use of Pi Juice. We came across a few hardware and even software-based solutions. Can we get away without using a GPRS hat? Or Would you suggest a GPRS hat? if so, which one? Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:


If you want to capture GPS info, you’re going to need a GPS, but it need not be a hat, you can use a SPI or I2C add on, such as this Adafruit GPS

What will stop you in your tracks is finding Pi Zero’s though. I have a project were I need dozens and I have only been able to get one. :pensive:


Thanks Andrew, I will check that out. I was just looking at another GPS from Adafruit when you sent the message: https://core-electronics.com.au/adafruit-mini-gps-pa1010d-uart-and-i2c-stemma-qt.html.

I know its painful re Pi availability. Luckily already secured Pi Zero W for the prototypes/tests, hopefully, more stock will be available soon.

P.s.: they seem to available as a kit: https://core-electronics.com.au/raspberry-pi-zero-w-starter-kit.html


Yep, $89 per unit vs $22 stings a bit though.

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Hi Riddhi,

If you need precise timing between GPS locations I’d use an RTC or tap into an NTP server to get the time over the internet!
PS: Here’s our guide on the Makerverse RTC! Makerverse Real Time Clock with Supercapacitor Backup - Raspberry Pi Guide - Tutorial Australia


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It does :money_mouth_face:


Thanks Liam, I am using Pi Juice in the mix which does the RTC part so I am not worried about timing part. Now that I know that a hardware GPS collection module will be required, we are looking into any module that is easy to integrate without i2c coflict, can work with Pi zero and works within 3.3-5v.

If there is no external antenna, and we need to put the GPS device inside an enclosure, is it going to play up?


We are now considering getting one of these two:

One of them (Sparkfun) has an external antenna, while the Adafruit doesn’t. I checked on Adafruit website, they have illustrated Pi integration so i am sure it works with Pi. Sparkfun should as well. Any opinion on these two?


Depends what the enclosure is made of. If metal it probably won’t work without an external antenna.
Cheers Bob


Thanks Bob, it is going to be PLA.

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