Which LoRa module do you recommend?

Hi there,

I’m currently in the process of setting up an ESP32-based weather station. Unfortunately, my home WiFi doesn’t quite reach the location where I’m planning to install it. So, I’ve been exploring options like range extenders and LoRa.

After careful consideration, I’m leaning towards the LoRa system. My weather station will be positioned approximately 100 meters away from my home router, which is housed inside my shed (constructed with Colorbond panels). Thankfully, there aren’t any major obstructions along the path.

However, I do need to account for the fact that the ESP32 and LoRa module will be enclosed in a polycarbonate case, which may affect signal transmission.

The weather station will be transmitting a data string every second, containing readings from 8 sensors. Data processing will occur after the information is received.

My goal is to keep the setup simple, cost-effective, reliable, and durable, while minimizing power consumption. So, which LoRa modules/antennas would you recommend? Do I need to rely on two ESP32’s to be able to communicate to one another?

So far, here are the components I’ve assembled for my weather station:

  • 5V, 1A monocrystalline solar panel (FIT0601 from CORE)
  • Solar charger/regulator Sunflower solar power manager 5V (DFR0559 from CORE)
  • LiPo polymer battery 3.7V, 6000 mAh

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Luke


Hi Luke,

Welcome to the forum!!

I’d take a look at a similar project Tim did: Raspberry Pi Pico with LoRaWAN and The Things Network - Makerverse LoRa-E5 Module - Transmit Weather Data into IoT - Tutorial Australia

This one uses the Things network (LoRaWAN) but we also have examples for the LoRa module to do P-P communications.

Power minimization is a whole other ball game, using the power timer HAT is definitely the simplest!

Keen to see what you come up with!


Thanks Liam,

Although there are similarities between the Raspberry Pi and the ESP32, it’s not exactly the same. Also, the code is written in Python. Do you have a link to a video showcase of how the ESP32 and LoRa modules interact? And with a code example?
I did a Google search but most of it is over my head :slight_smile:


Welcome back!
I have been on a bit of a journey with Meshtastic over the past month or so as its an interesting LoRa tool that can be entirely off grid that I think would be applicable for your situation here.

I am aware of a couple of people in the Meshtastic forums and Discord that have been toying with off grid weather stations, which in this case may help get everything set up for you, you would likely just need 2 devices with line of sight to achieve this and as most Meshtastic modules are based off of the ESP32, it looks to be something that might fit that standard as well for your project.


Just noticed this post and had a quick read

I think the coclorbond shed will be a far bigger contribution to poor performance than the polycarbonate case.
Unless of course you have an external antenna on the roof.
Cheers Bob