Which M.2 SSD to use with Argon ONE M.2 case

Hi All,

I have a Pi 4 in an Argon ONE M.2 case and I’m wanting to move from SD card to a M.2 SSD. I noticed the case in not compatible with M.2 nvme SSD drives and requires either a M.2 Key B or Key B+M drive.

Has anyone used a M.2 in the Argon case yet and had it working? I’m looking to go something like a 1TB but don’t know which brands/models would work.


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Something important to note is the power draw. If you exceed the capability of the Pis USB ports you’re going to run into issues. It’s mostly high performance SSDs that suck lots of juice though, and there’s not much point splashing out for something super fast when it’s running through USB anyway. Keep it under 4W and you’ll be fine.


Hi all, I’m new here, so please excuse any stupid questions !
I am looking at purchasing a Pi + Argon ONE M.2 case to setup for a nextcloud instance.
I am a bit confused by the terminology used for the M.2 SSD (eg Key B, Key B+M, SATA vs NVM etc ) that would work in this case.
Can someone please provide an example (preferably with a link to a product) of a M.2 SSD that would work ?
Thanks !


Hi Ray, Welcome to the forum,

I wasn’t too sure about the differences myself as I am still rocking USB SATA drives and was waiting for the prices to come down before making the jump to M.2

I’ve found a super helpful guide here that explains that the naming convention is a combination of the physical dimensions and the communications interface used.

This guide further breaks down the difference between mSATA and M.2