Want to get a Raspberry Pi 4 and case but not sure what to get

Hi I’m interested in the Raspberry Pi 4 but want to get a case to go with it, I’d like to use an SSD for storage so are there any cases that would fit the pi and SSD with good cooling?


Yactually the Nespi 4 does - it’s got a big fat heatsink and a 2.5" Ssd spot.

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could you pls post a pic it would be beneficial if possible…thx

Thank you

Oh also the new Argon ONE M.2 - it has a spot for an M.2 SSD and excellent cooling. They’re really neat.


Hey guys thanks for the replies, I have two cases I am now considering… The Argon and the one that is like the Nespi.

One last question what kind of power supply do I need? Voltage / current?

Typically just a standard Pi 4 supply - 5.1v @ 3A.

There a few cases on the market that use USB-PD, but not many and they’ll usually either include a supply or make it very clear that they use the USB-PD spec.

Hmmm…i did not know this existed…hmm has me thinking now…bit pricey but …hmmm…will add it too my list…i want the bottom half of this case https://core-electronics.com.au/argon-one-m-2-case.html

but i want to fit the ice tower cooler to it…maybe going to go with the flat version of it …
i see no fan in the agon case with the m2-bridge in there…
the pics should have a second click on the the full pic view so that it comes up full page size, sorry i find it hard getting my point across sometimes… i have to often be blunt… some call it arrogance… sorry i often get frustrated at things…

this is a good add on …excellent but i liker the full size hdmi support… it lacks…but for adding the m-2 i give it 10 out of ten…m-2 ssds don't need cooling ..really.. but however look at getting support for trim in Raspbian for several brands of drives,, my ssd i run is a wd ,,it does support trim but not under Linux using command line i cannot find any thing command to do it ... it is the windows gear that they only support..wd-dashboard,, non Linux.. rather sad,,maybe the argon incorporated with the correct kernel adjustment could run on many ssds …i find trim support a must in keeping space clear and rubbish…deleted… like the shred program… it should be a Raspbian program in the image…as well as all i have spoken of here needs to be looked at by conical for Ubuntu support… admin feel free to read this pls find my criticism of the constructive side and delete what you feel…

some of this is this is amazing hardware…https://core-electronics.com.au/argon-one-m-2-expansion-board.htmlnecessary,,86770...///

this is exactly why you should re think your shop listings ,,if you had a sub listing for cases i would have known about this case ..your catalog listings are so in need of an upgrade... there ok for old customers there just not up with the times guys, really…this is just my point that i have spoken of before… like a sub listing for media sd cards and m-2 ssd`s your range is expanding but not your secondary range of products… i.ok i understand it does cost money to invest in hardware stock… toi have on the shelf…i understand the outlay against profit etc.etc…i have worked for Ritronics and …also there reatial rod Irving electronics… and in the store i ran their kit dept for three years approx and tripped their range and support 4 fold in the time i was there, you now sell a case that has an m2 drive slot… what about a pcie slot 1 4x or even a pcie x 16 full size slot etc… was this case grown from my idea to run an m-2 via usb… i think i was the first guy here to do it … that is to say or speak of i had mine running as soon as i figured out how to…i had them running my other machines long before the rpi-4 board… which you see in some of my pics if you have an eye for detail…//…

@brian86770 The site search is better than the categories tbh, but you’re right that it’s not much good for window shopping

i have the time to write a footprint… for my idea of the window shopping if i`m not wasting my time for us both…???

my frustration is i did not get told there was a dedicated argon one rpi-4 remote control… or does it work via the argon one and integrate with what software platform you are using… in stead i brought a flirc which i have to return as i cannot get it to do anything… it`s a brick to me…

I’m just a customer, but I’d bet the guys at core would appreciate any suggestions!