Will this configuration work for a Nano Battle Bot?

  1. Battery
    7.4V 450mAh LiPo 2S Battery Pack with JSTConnector
    Voltage 7.4v @ 450mah
    Note, The Nano Battle Bot only need to run 3 mins at a time

  2. Voltage Regulator
    DC-DC Buck-Mode Power Module (8~28V to 5V 3A)
    DC-DC Buck-Mode Power Module (8~28V to 5V 3A) | DFRobot DFR0571 | Core Electronics Australia
    Input voltage range 8V~28V and fixed output voltage/current 5V/3A

  3. RF receiver
    6 Channel 2.4G X6FG Receiver For X6 Transmitter Dumborc RC Remote Controller
    6 Channel 2.4G X6FG Receiver For X6 Transmitter Dumborc RC Remote Controller | eBay
    Voltage Range: 3.3-10V

  4. ESC Motor Controller
    Flipsky Dual Way 5AX2 Brushed ESC Speed Controller 2-3S for 130/180 Motor Engine RC Car Airplane Model Parts
    Flipsky Dual Way 5AX2 Brushed ESC RC Car Parts Sale - Banggood Australia
    Rating voltage: 6V-14V

  5. Motors (2)
    2 x 1000:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HPCB 6V with Extended Motor Shaft | POLOLU-3080 | Core Electronics Australia
    Rated Voltage 6V @ 150ma

Are these motors like 130/180 Motors?


Hi @Jon166537 - welcome back :smiley:

can you help us out a bit with some more details? This isn’t a forum specific to robot battles so our users may not be familiar with the rules (or even what competition you’re referring to! :sweat_smile: )

A link to the competition, rules etc would be a great start.
In any case, I can see from your Bill of Materials that yeah - you do cover the basic recipe for building a substantial little robot, but how specific do you want to get with feedback?


Hi Micheal,
Thanks for the quick reply.

I just wanted to make sure the ESC controller at 5VDC could drive the two HPCB 6V motors.

Its his first Battle bot project from this video


Dope :slight_smile:
I’m a little concerned with your choice of regulator since it has a minimum input of 8V and your battery is 7.4V

here’s our step-down dc dc converter category to consider


Which is the better choice, change the battery or regulator?

  1. Don’t change regulator. Just use a different battery at 11.1vDC

  2. DC-DC Buck Converter 6~14V to 5V/8A | DFRobot DFR0753 | Core Electronics Australia

  3. SparkFun BabyBuck Regulator Breakout - 5V (AP63357) | COM-21256 | Core Electronics Australia

  4. Buck Converter - 6-20V to 5V/3A | Sparkfun COM-18375 | Core Electronics Australia

Any of those options look functional @Jon166537 - it’s up to you to define ‘best’. Maybe you need to optimise for weight, or keep the cost low.
Battle bots are a multi-parameter problem and only you will know what ‘best’ means for you!

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