Write UID with rfid module for raspberry pico

I got the RFID module for the raspberry pico and I tried successfully everything on the tutorial!

I was wondering if I can get a rewritable tag and write and clone the uid of one tag to a new one and what would I need to do it.


Hey Giulio,
Welcome to the forums!

There is the ability to clone UIDs on specific cards, I personally like the dangerous things forum for this one as they are the experts on RFID/NFC (I personally have one of their products implanted).They have an article on their forums about UID cloning that might be worth checking out.

As far as our PiicoDev RFID reader, there is nothing we have written on how to use our device for that purpose as its not a common use of that product, but there may be the ability to use it for that purpose if Micropython code was written for it.