WS2812 Issues

hey guys hows it going i a first time user for this and i set everything up as per the instructions but my lights do not light up at all keep in mind i dont have an adruino my data line is going directly to the pi and so is my ground i also have a 10 a power adapter hooked up with the power line going to the leds and the ground going to the leds and raspberry ground wire ive put in all the code and it shows the strandtest running in terminal but i get zero response from my lights only one led lights up and that actually turns on without the unit being powered on

Hi Ryan,

You will need a level shifter for LEDs to work with the Raspberry Pi. See my earlier post.

hey stephen i picked up a level shifter hooked it up per the diagram and still no response the leds do flicker for one second when i plug the main power to the leds but other then that nothing it seems like theres no signal being sent to the leds could my pins be disabled if so how do i activate my pins ??starting to get frustrated as i cant seem to find whats wrong i entered the code and everything properly

I’ve moved this to a new topic, as hundreds of others had no issues with the guide and it’s likely isolated to @ryan80200 alone.

Hi @ryan80200,

I can’t see any orders associated to your account (for the WS2812s or the logic level converters). We’ve tested the code and it works seamlessly with the products we recommend. If you bought from another vendor, have you tried reaching out to them?

Our guide is really straightforward so it’s likely going to be a problem with the pinout of the hardware you are using.