Advice on what to buy for an Arduino light circuit for textiles

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I would like to purchase off you a bundle that would allow me to weave LED lights through a wallhanging and control the lights by WiFi - I understand that the Lily Pad, conductive thread and an XBee component would do the job but I am open to any suggestions.

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Hi Sally,

Neat project underway. I understand the need for wireless, although I am a bit confused by the comment “control by WiFi” - did you have an existing application / method that is “already” on WiFi that you wanted to use, or are you going to build your own application / thing?

Thanks Graham

I believe there is an 'XBee" component that you can sew onto the wallhanging along with the LilyPad to make the LilyPad wireless - I basically need the lilypad, XBee, the Leah Buechley LED lights and conductive thread but just need confirmation that this would allow me to weave lights into my wallhanging and be able to control them remotely - thanks x

If you are just seeking a wireless method from one Lilypad to another, then anything with a transparent UART interface would be fine. Perhaps simpler the better.

If you just need data going in one direction, then these are very easy to use, and cheap:

You can test the full project by direct wiring from UART TX to RX on the Lilypads (along with a common ground). When happy, introduce the wireless modules to remove the wired connection.

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