XIAO ESP32S3 connected to 1.28inch Round LCD Display Module with Touch possible?

Hey there!

TLDR: Is it possible to connect the WS-24155 to the SS113991114 with Micropython?

I’m trying to build a small project with Wi-Fi and a touch display, preferably in MicroPython.
I’ve looked through the pin connections and demo code for the WS-24155, and found that to connect to a RPi Pico (proggrammable with MicroPython), it requires 1 SPI interface (2 pins), 1 I2C interface (2 pins, it doesn’t seem to use the miso pin), 5 regular pins and 1 PWM (provided by GPIO).

I am aware that the ESP32 can be programmed with MicroPython, but has different names for the pins, but the machine library is on all Micropython devices, so would I be able to connect the SS113991114 to the WS-24155 using something like this:

I would also slightly modify the Pico demo code with the correct pin numbers.


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Hey J,

I can see that the SS113991114 has MicroPython supported, so I believe you should be able to get it working through the compatible ports. The diagram looks alright to me, just make sure you assign the ports in your MicroPython code properly and give it a go!



Anybody know what kind of connector is on the back of the display, and if so, where I could buy such a connector?