10.1 Inch Screen Install

I’m looking at the 10.1 inch LCD screen for an install but need to know the overall dimensions.
Ideally with and without the driver and Pi fitted.
The screen is listed on the website here:-

We didn’t have an open one in stock, so I couldn’t get the mounted dimensions, but the screen itself is 228W x 149H x 3D mm. The driver board appears to be roughly 20 mm thick, if that also helps.

Hi David,

Display size: 10.1 inches
Dimensions: 228.6 × 149.2 × 2.39typ
Visible area: 216.96 (H) x 135.60 (V) mm

The driver board does not mount to the screen itself, and there are no mount points on the screen. A Raspberry Pi is not included.

I hope that helps!

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