10.1inch Highlight IPS Digital LCD Screen with driver board (CE04869)

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This slim display panel is perfect for bringing a little polish to a project. It will take HDMI, VGA and even composite video so it’s very maker-friendly - perfect for a plug-and-play Raspberry Pi display. An included button panel plugs into the driver-board and gives you access to an on-screen menu similar to that of a computer monitor.

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What are the measurements of the 10.1inch Highlight IPS Digital LCD screen?

Hi Dallas,

We don’t have that information available at the moment, although stock is arriving soon and we will update the product page once we’ve measured the outer dimensions. The screen edge is very slim, it’s a great display.

Hi Dallas,

Like Graham said, we will confirm once stock has arrived, but I believe these measurements are accurate (I used one of these displays for a project recently)

Dimensions: 228.6 × 149.2 × 2.39typ
Visible area: 216.96 (H) x 135.60 (V) mm
Resolution: 1280 × 800

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Is this a touchscreen (ie. capable of being used in a project like a small portable device)?

Hey Anthony,

No this device is not touchscreen but here’s a link to a LCD screen with touchscreen capability for a Raspberry Pi or this one. All the best with your projects and Merry Christmas!

Core Electronics | Support

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Hi, do you have a spec sheet available for this product?
Also what is the screen brightness?

Can I please get some more technical specifications for 10.1inch Highlight IPS Digital LCD Screen with driver board, specifically all of the info for the driver board.