10" Raspberry Pi display and Case

Looking to build a touchscreen interface for our Raspberry Pi 4B’s, Currently they are using a 24" monitor with a keyboard, however desk space is limited so a 10" touch screen we can throw on a vesa mount is our preferred solution.

The RasPad3 from SunSeeker is the tidiest solution I’ve found so far, but it doesnt look like it can be vesa mounted without some modifications.

End product will be in a busy public area, so aesthetics is important.

If anyone can provide some more suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


Hi Matthew,

Welcome to the forum! :partying_face:

I’ve got a couple of personal favourites that I use with the Pi 4, in this case, the Waveshare display may be the best option if you need to take up the full 10" and is quite easy to mount in projects:

Otherwise the official display is always the go-to in my opinion, it ensures compatibility with the Pi and is quite streamlined as you can connect via the TFT ribbon cable on the back rather than HDMI which can be a little bulky:

The RasPad/s are also a great choice and look quite professional, you could possibly build a custom housing on the other cases or use the SmartiPi with the official display, but in either case it should do nicely for your project!