100 amp MPPT Solar Controller

I am new here today and hi to everyone
I am also new to Arduino but would like to know if I can make a 100 amp MPPT Solar Controller with Arduino
If so can anyone help with the schematics etc needed to do so


Hi BIll,

Sounds like a pretty big project you’ve got there. If you’re new to Arduino and electronics, I wouldn’t recommend starting with a project like that, dealing with so much current which can be highly dangerous if used incorrectly. Take a look at our Arduino Workshop to get hands on with Arduino, and other bits of gear, and once you’ve tested the waters a bit, come back to the project.

Hi Sam
Thanks for getting back to me I have a friend who is right up with Arduino and he said if he could get schematics for it he could build it for me no worries so if you could do that it would be very much appreciated

Hi Bill,

Ok, sounds like fun there, unfortunately, drawing up schematics from scratch for projects is a little outside out swim lane, we’re happy to point you in the direction you need and help troubleshoot things when the go awry though.