10k Slide Potentiometer (CE08556)

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A 10k Potentiometer perfect for adding and visualising an input to your projects

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Hi, I’m a newbie working on an arduino audio mixer slide fader, does this linear potentiometer work with Arduino?


Hi @Jenna273150
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Yeah it will work :slight_smile:
You can hook pin #2 of the slider to an analogue pin of your arduino and use the analogRead() method to pull a 12 bit integer (0 - 4095) which will represent it’s position.


I found this image for you. Note that the pins can be in different locations on different sliders.

Quick thoughts.

When choosing a slider, have a think about how you would mount it.

You might also like to think about it’s taper but I think you will prefer to adjust for this in your Arduino code towards the end of your project.

Sounds cool.
Show and tell the mixer when it’s done.
Pix :heavy_heart_exclamation: